“Set apart from the rest.” That is the motto of Mirage Properties.

Mirage Properties LLC is a property management company that specializes in property management in West Louisville. We seek to serve all people with integrity and to bring glory to God in the way we handle our business. We are not perfect but are thankful for the amount of grace God has shown us in the property management industry.

Core Values:

Service: We seek to provide high quality service.
Integrity: We seek to do all things within our company with Integrity.
Customer Satisfaction: We seek to satisfy our customers by consistently working above the standards of our industry.
God Glorifying: We seek not to lift up ourselves but to lift up God and bring glory to him.
Loving: We seek that with all we do, Love would be seen as a staple of our business.


Mission Statement:

Mirage Properties exists to glorify God by providing good quality housing matched with excellent customer service setting us apart from all other property  management companies.